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Amtex Systems provides the following Health care services.

  • Medical Coding
    With AAPC certified and experienced coders marking the correct CPT and ICD-9 codes with the highest specificity, you have no more problems of under payment or even delayed payment. Clean claims gets paid instantly and no more head ache of reprocessing.

  • Demo and Charge Entry
    With a turnaround time of just 48 hours or less, all the claims are submitted to the insurance in time. Amtex’s quality system ensures that most claims are paid on first submission itself.

  • Payment Posting
    A perfect process ensures that no money is left unposted or incorrectly posted. Every posting is reconciled with the specific logs to ensure accuracy and control. Turn around time is just 48 hours or less.

  • Denial Management
    It is Amtexhealthcare’s policy to scrutinize every denial as they are nothing but hidden wealth. Every denial is analyzed by a set of exclusive professionals as they provide wealth of information in terms of paying pattern and rules of the carriers. This also helps us to create Billing Rules to be proactive.

  • Benefit Verification
    A process where the patient’s coverage with the insurance is determined and verified before the patient is seen by the doctor. General benefits such as co-pays, deductible and also specialty specific information provides all the data that the doctor is looking for.

  • AR follow-up (Insurance and Patient)
    Nothing is “untouchable” as far as Amtexhealthcare is concerned. Every account irrespective of value, is called for status. Calling does not end till a resolution is arrived at and the balance is brought down to zero. The goal of the caller is to increase the collection and bring the AR days to acceptable levels.

  • Clean-up of old AR
    A different set of class of callers handle this area as it needs extreme professionalism and perseverance to be successful. Our callers are capable of reversing history by providing all the required documents, papers and records to ensure they collect the payment at the quickest possible time.

  • Provider Credentialing
    This is one key area that most of the doctors are missing out and losing money and where Amtexhealthcare would be of immense help. Movement of doctors from one Group Practice to another brings this area into focus. If left untouched, the process of collecting money becomes cumbersome and hectic. It is Amtexhealthcare’s responsibility that none of the clients undergo this phase.

  • Patient Scheduling
    A virtual secretary ship ensures that the patients are scheduled as per the time slots of the doctor thereby ensuring optimum use of Doctor’s time. Patients are also called a day before to ensure that they do not miss out on their appointments. This process is beneficial to both the patient and the doctor.

The process centric and project centric staffs ensure that the best is brought out of every employee of Amtex Systems.
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